Nokia Catwalk heading for London announcement on May 15?

Nokia Catwalk heading for London announcement on May 15?

It's been a little while since we heard anything about the rumoured Nokia Catwalk, but it's just popped up on our radar in a big way with suggestions it could be announced in London on May 15.

That's the claim from MyNokiaBlog, which quotes a source only identified as 'South' as being the one with the inside track on the Catwalk.

It's not a huge amount to go on, but MNB has proved reasonably trustworthy in the past, so we're at least willing to pass on the rumour – such as it is.

Previous Nokia Catwalk rumours have suggested it'll be a thinner and lighter evolution of the current Lumia 920 flagship, running the same Windows Phone 8 but with an aluminium rather than polycarbonate shell.

The Catwalk rumours have been running concurrently with a separate strain of rumours surrounding the Nokia Lumia 928, or the Laser, with some theories suggesting the Laser is the CDMA version of the Catwalk headed for the US.

So a May 15 London announcement for the Catwalk is certainly possible – and if the rumour isn't true, at least we won't have too long before we know for sure.

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