Nokia Champagne uncorked for the first time, ready to Tango

Nokia Champagne uncorked for the first time, ready to TangoThere's nothing quite like getting our first ever sniff of a new phone: could this be the genesis of the Next Big Thing, the giant game-changer everyone will be talking about six months or a year from now?

Well, we don't know – that's just the point. But what we do know is we've just had the first mention of the Nokia Champagne, and it's set to run Tango, the next version of Windows Phone. Champagne and Tango – quite the high-society affair, if we say so ourselves.

Just what we can take from the name itself is a mystery – after all, what does the name “Sea Ray” actually have to do with the Nokia Lumia 800? Just what, to return to an old bug-bear, ties together the HTC Sensation XL with the sleepy pastures of Runnymede?

Nobody knows. Maybe Nokia is going through a boozy phase and we can look forward to the Nokia Wkd and the Nokia Special Brew showing up at some point too.

All we do know is that a device by that name has popped up on the usage stats gleaned by the I'm a WP7 app for Windows Phone, and that it runs Windows Phone OS 7.10.8711 – aka Windows Phone Tango, the follow-on to the recently released Mango.

That's about it, really, and we're well aware that it's not a whole lot. But watch this space: within a couple of months we'll no doubt have some specs and the inevitable photos that are so low-quality they look like they've been taken by someone who's taken “champagne” as a call to arms rather than a coded product name.

Moving swiftly on...

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