Nokia cutting prices to keep sales ticking over

Nokia cutting prices to keep sales ticking overSymbian is fading fast, Windows Phone ain't here yet, and the most exciting new phone we've seen for ages is on a platform the company wants nothing to do with. Welcome to the world of Nokia.

It's a sticky situation, of that there's no doubt, and it seems Nokia is trying to keep things ticking over in the meantime by using one of the oldest tricks in the book: it's cutting prices.

There's every chance we'll look back on things a decade from now and see the current situation as just a blip in the road for a resurgent Nokia, a necessary readjustment from one of the mobile industry's true giants.

But from where things stand now, it's a pretty fine line Finland's finest is treading. It's aligned its fortunes with Windows Phone in a big way, yet in the meantime it still needs to sell shedloads of phones running the smartphone platform it clearly has no faith in, Symbian.

It even decided to roll out the N9, desperately hoping everyone would be so taken with what is actually a very good mobile phone that they wouldn't notice it runs not even Symbian but MeeGo, which Nokia said it wants even less to do with back in February.

And with still a few months (at least) before the first Nokia Windows Phone debuts, it seems Nokia is resorting to the good old price cut to squeeze some fresh life out of its Symbian line.

Reuters quotes 'industry analysts' as saying Nokia has been quietly cutting prices of its Symbian phones across the board. The steepest cuts, of around 15%, have been made to high-profile handsets like the Nokia N8, C7 and even the new E6.

Of course, we recall seeing something about “price readjustments” from Nokia itself in one of its many public utterances over the past month or two, and you can argue that it's a simple tool of the retail trade that's been around for as long as the price tag itself.

Yet Nokia is no doubt hoping to tread carefully here – the last thing it needs to dry up sales even further is for it to become widely believed that it's in the process of making its phones cheaper and cheaper. Then everyone stops buying all together as they wait for the fire sale – and more often than not they get one.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 7, 2011 at 11:58

Wanna Be Nokia CEO? Take the simple quiz to see if you're qualified

Hilarious post by Nokia Expert Tomi Ahonen. Touches upon many issues including these new price cuts. Must-Read here

Stelph  Jul. 7, 2011 at 15:37

Haha Well I tried to answer at least one question as "b" but failed, no CEO position for me...

Saying that, although it was a fun article it is massively simoplified, and although the N8 did sell well Symbian is, and has been, on the ropes for a long time waiting for a successor to step in. WP7 is the "safer" option since microsoft will fight tooth and nail to get it into the winning position in the market, and analysists seem to agree it will get there, it just wont help the company grow! Its just a shame they wont also push Meego and/or didnt buy WebOS when they had the chance since success there with their own OS would bring them back to the glory days :)


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