Nokia drops gold, grabs bronze

Nokia drops gold, grabs bronzeShipping volumes are in for Q2, and Nokia’s reign as the King of Smartphones is finally over.

The gold medal goes to California's Apple, South Korea's Samsung is in second place, and Finland's Nokia has slipped to a slightly depressing third overall.

Apple shipped 20.3 million smartphones in Q2, which is pretty impressive considering it’s (a) punting a phone that’s now over a year old, and (b) expected to announce the iPhone 5 soon.

Strategy Analytics put Samsung at 18-21 million units earlier in the week, and that figure has now been refined to 19 million. Somehow. It’s still not entirely clear, as – for the first time in a decade – Samsung refused to say how many units it shipped.

Nokia, meanwhile, recently posted its Q2 results, describing them as “clearly disappointing”. It shipped 16.7 million units, which doesn’t sound particularly terrible until you consider it moved 24.2 million units in Q1, and 25.2 million units in Q2 2010. Oh dear.

It’s all to play for in Q3. Apple expects revenue to fall in anticipation of a major “product transition” (no prizes for guessing what that translates as), and Samsung will continue to roll out its Galaxy S II.

via: Reuters

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