Nokia E6 and X7 start shipping: Anna's on her way

Nokia E6 and X7 start shipping: Anna's on her wayGood news for Nokia fans: the Finnish firm's latest smartphone duo – the E6 and X7 – have started shipping, according to word from Nokia itself.

That's good news for two reasons: first, with the pair having only been announced last month, it means Nokia has learnt its lesson in getting new devices to market quickly. And second, that means Symbian Anna – the updated version of Symbian^3 – is finished, so other Symbian users can look forward to seeing it soon, right? Well, er, maybe not.

The pair of new Nokia smartphones shared the spotlight with Symbian Anna – previously known as Symbian PR2.0 – at their grand unveiling last month. On the one hand, there was the excitement of seeing the first full QWERTY touchscreen business phone (E6) and the boldly styled 4in AMOLED screened entertainer (X7) break cover.

But there was also the arrival of Anna to mull over, which while by no means righting all wrongs in the much-maligned Symbian OS, at least shows Nokia's commitment to keeping the platform moving forwards – for now.

And now we've heard from Nokia Conversations that the pair of new handsets are officially now shipping – complete with Symbian Anna on board – to UK smartphone users. There still seems to be a bit of a mixed message here, however, as a quick trip to the Nokia UK site reveals both phones still listed as Coming Soon, but we'll give Nokia the grace of a day or two to get its ducks in a row.

Not so good news for other Symbian^3 users, however, many of whom have been waiting for the Symbian PR2.0 update since early in the year. We're told the Symbian Anna update will be available on existing phones “in the coming months”, a depressingly vague forecast that won't be making Nokia any new friends.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 31, 2011 at 13:07

Bad news, indeed.


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