Nokia Eos / Lumia 909 / Lumia 1020 priced and dated in latest rumours

Nokia Eos / Lumia 909 / Lumia 1020 priced and dated in latest rumours Yesterday it emerged that the Nokia Eos will probably be known as the Lumia 909, and we're expecting it to be officially unveiled on Thursday, July 11.

Given that the Eos' main features are also fairly well nailed down, it leaves price and availability as the chief details yet to be confirmed. Except now even those details seem to be emerging.

An upcoming inventory list from a Microsoft Store supplied by an anonymous tipster doesn't make for the most concrete of leaks, but armed with the proverbial salt cellar we'll dive right in anyway.

The Store in question will apparently be receiving stock of the Lumia 909 (which is listed as the Lumia 1020, interestingly enough) on July 22, which according to WP Central – the site that's surfaced the info – suggests an on-sale date of a few days later.

The price, meanwhile, is listed as $602, which equates to around £402. But before you get too excited, that's likely to be the price the Microsoft Store pays for the Eos, not the end user (hence the unusual figure of 602). The likely end user price will probably be closer to $699, which is £466-ish.

Note also that black, white and yellow are listed as colour options. We'd have expected the obligatory Nokia cyan too, but maybe that's a carrier exclusive or something.

As for information pertaining specifically to the UK, CNET reckons an insider source has confirmed the Lumia 909 will definitely launch in the UK (as if there was any real doubt), and says it'll be available about a month after launch – in other words, mid-August.

That's consistent with the timeframes involved in other recent Lumia launches, and certainly still qualifies as over the summer, which is what we've been expecting for a while now.

All in all, it's half-truths and speculation all round, but some fairly solid stuff all the same if you ask us.

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