Nokia EOS spotted with slimmed down PureView and all-new camera software

Nokia EOS spotted with slimmed down PureView and all-new camera softwareNokia's big launch event through the week delivered the new Lumia 925 flagship as expected, but rumours that we'd also be given a preview of the camera-tastic EOS sadly proved to be false.

But while we've not seen the EOS yet, it seems somebody has, and they've just spilled the beans in a big way on exactly what Nokia has in store for camera-loving smartphone fans.

We'll say right at the outset that while the unnamed source's description of an encounter with an EOS prototype is certainly detailed, we've no idea whether the claims – published by WMPowerUser – are genuine.

But here it is word for word all the same:

  • The device is made of polycarbonate, and is about as thick as the Nokia Lumia 920 in the middle, but is highly tapered at both ends, giving the impression of a much slimmer device.
  • The lens housing is round in shape and does not protrude much. The flash is Xenon, and the flash and lens are both smaller than the Nokia 808 Pureview. Next to the flash is a small red LED which may be a focus assist light.
  • The lens also has an automatic cover that opens when the camera app is started.
  • The number of megapixels were not marked on the prototype, with “XX megapixels” only being written on the lens housing.
  • There is a new camera app called "Nokia Pro Camera"with a completely new interface. There is also manual focus available through the app. The regular photo app is also available.
  • The screen size and resolution is same as 920, and appears to be AMOLED. The speaker holes are at the bottom as the handset.
  • The handset was much lighter than the Nokia Lumia 920.

Interesting stuff. From the sounds of things Nokia has worked hard to keep the size and weight of the EOS in check – one of the biggest concerns we had in the wake of the chunky 808 PureView.

Whether that means the PureView camera components have been watered down somewhat from the 41MP insanity of the 808 remains to be seen, but if Nokia can deliver similar camera performance in a sleeker overall package we'll have no complaints.

Another major plus is the automatic lens cover. It might be a simple feature, but it's one that's almost universally ignored in the smartphone world, which is strange given the number of handsets that are pushed as high-powered camera phones these days.

Manual focus would be another positive, and revamped camera software is a no-brainer too considering the EOS' billing as a hero device.

But we're not convinced by the overall curved design and polycarbonate construction, simply because with the aluminium Lumia 925 Nokia has clearly gone out of its way to change the design direction of its Windows Phone army.

The EOS isn't likely to be cheap, so surely Nokia would go the aluminium route here too, especially given the overall size and weight benefits illustrated by the Lumia 925?

One thing we're no closer to an answer on, however, is if the EOS is indeed real, when will Nokia look to announce it? It surely won't be soon, or we'd probably have heard something through the week when Nokia had everyone's attention already.

The other obvious window is at Nokia World towards the end of the year, but that seems a long way off given the level of rumours we're seeing at the moment.

For now, though, it's all just speculation, and we still have no conclusive proof that the EOS exists at all. Expect the rumour mill to keep churning on this one.

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heyea  May. 20, 2013 at 13:32

For now I'm a bit skeptical of the existence of the EOS nokia . Is it true that it exists ? ? .
If there where it is now? May need to update to GDR3 window? ? ( If I am not mistaken ) .
But the update is too long until early 2014. If you want to launch nokia EOS next year ,
as already been outdated. At that time the samsung and sony will launch a device that has
pretty nice camera . Maybe not 41MP like the EOS , but enough to threaten the EOS .
Why nokia always take a long time to produce a great device ? ?
Nokia Lumia EOS are mobile devices that are able to dominate the market . So launch it quickly ...

Nokia has many problems , the Lumia product quality is not good. always have problems screen and motherboard.
Accessories are also hard to get. Very limited choice of colors ... even basic applications not available on the Lumia phone products .
I want to buy nokia mobile phone Lumia EOS if it really exists . But what use there is a great camera , but can not zoom during video recording .
Also can not receive and send pictures if use prepaid .

Nokia EOS : Things that should ......

1 . 41mp & floating lens - Less useful if you can not zoom while recording video ( like the Lumia 920 ) .
2 . Concept tiles - Too boring ( more impressive as Nokia Bell with 6 different homescreen ) .
3 . AMOLED screen - More suitable gorilla glass screen & PureMotion HD .
4 . Processor - Quad core Snapdragon 800 nicer to performance.
5 . Video call - should be easy like nokia n8 , without having to use Tango applications and other applications.
6 . Nokia suite - Need a simple system like the nokia phone suite for windows .

( sorry for my bad english )


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