Nokia to get exclusive Windows Phone features

Nokia to get exclusive Windows Phone featuresIt's still early days in the Microsoft-Nokia partnership, so we'll have to take this one with a healthy pinch of salt, but Australian site Smarthouse is claiming that Nokia WinPho handsets will be privy to features other manufacturers won't be offered.

The site claims it won't be the initial round of Nokia Windows Phones that get the preferential treatment but rather the second generation, which it says will be shown off at Mobile World Congress next year.

We're told the Nokia-friendly tweaks will include “several new software upgrades, exclusive functions for Nokia phones and software that will not be available for other manufacturers who licence the OS”. The source? Unnamed, naturally.

Given that the report doesn't mention exactly what these features are, it's hard to get too excited, but we do imagine other WinPho partners won't exactly be over the moon if the rumours do turn out to be true.

We've only just reported on Microsoft's efforts to build a closer working relationship with Samsung, with the hint of preferential treatment towards the Korean manufacturers' products. Just how many phone makers can Microsoft really be best buddies with?

Perhaps the most interesting part of the rumour is the suggestion that Nokia's roadmap has its second-generation of WinPho handsets lined up for a big reveal at Mobile World Congress 2012. If true, that would confirm the first-gen offerings are indeed being pencilled in for the latter part of this year – should the Windows Phone Mango update arrive by then, of course.

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