Nokia fan poll: few clear upsides to the Microsoft deal

Nokia fan poll: few clear upsides to the Microsoft dealWhen it comes to the Microsoft-Nokia deal, it's safe to say very few fans of the Finnish phone-monger have been left on the fence. Everyone has an opinion, it seems, and most are happy to share it.

So Nokia Conversations asked them to do just that, voting for which part of the Micro-teamup they were looking most forward to seeing develop. It was a poll that allowed even the nay-sayers to weigh in – even the worst decisions have some plus points, after all – and it yielded some interesting results.

The main thing it appeared to show was that nobody seems to agree on one single clear positive from the deal. Despite the eight specific options given, the ninth – “Other” – was the most popular, with just upwards of 22% of the vote. Presumably the lack of a “Nothing” option made this the next best choice.

Of those eight legitimate choices, the Windows Phone interface came in for the most love, garnering 22% of votes cast, while the promise of Xbox gaming on Nokia handsets appealed to around 13% of respondents.

Just 7% voted for the prospect of IE9 on their Nokia phones – despite Microsoft highlighting it as one of the biggest drawcards of its plans for Windows Phone.

Overall, it was clear from the poll that most Nokia fans are still focused on the decision to adopt WP7 itself rather than what it will mean down the line. Indeed, more than one comment called for a different poll asking simply whether people were for or against the deal. We suspect that one would have a rather more clear outcome.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 27, 2011 at 13:39

I actually wouldn't have a problem with WinMo 6.5 or 6.1 pro, but WP7? pIE9?


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