Nokia goes for gold with the C7-based Oro

Nokia goes for gold with the C7-based OroNokia has popped its head out from the bunker where it's hard at work making Windows Phones to dish up the Oro, an 18-carat gold-dipped handset based around the Nokia C7.

And it might surprise you to hear that the gilded handset doesn't actually cost the earth, well not a large chunk of it anyway, with your own touch of mobile bling likely to set you back just the other side of €800.

It's not the biggest surprise in the world that golden phones keep popping up on the horizon – after all, phones have become fashionable lifestyle accessories, and appearances go a long way.

And when it comes to the Oro, that appearance is all about the gold. It's covered head to toe (save for the screen itself, natch) in 18-carat gold plating, and features a real sapphire crystal in the Home key which is eight times sturdier than glass – which is odd, as that's not what the ordinary Nokia C7's Home key is made of.

Anyhow, you also get a leather case made from leather that used to be worn by top-quality Caledonian stock, completing a picture that Nokia materials designer Robert Lihou assures us fulfillled Nokia's aims to “use the best materials for the purpose”.

As for the rest, it's a bog-standard Nokia C7 underneath, which means a 3.5in AMOLED touchscreen, 8-megapixel camera and Symbian^3, though given the quoted Q3 launch date that'll most likely be Symbian Anna straight out of the box.

And speaking of launch, Nokia has revelaed that the Oro has been priced up at around €800 before taxes and subsidies, so it'll probably cost about that in pounds when it makes its gilded way onto UK terra firma.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 25, 2011 at 12:25

omg tacky


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