Nokia gets inventive in the search for new ideas

Nokia gets inventive in the search for new ideasLook, it's actually not a bad idea, but we can't help but feeling Nokia is setting itself up for some serious abuse with its latest initiative.

It's called on inventors, self-styled or otherwise, to submit ideas and suggestions for how its mobile phones or services can be improved. The name of the project? Invent with Nokia, of course.

We've no doubt plenty of you are already thinking the scheme smacks just a little of desperation, but Nokia appears to be coming at things in good faith, and has taken to Twitter to help drum up some interest:

“Got an idea to improve mobile phones or services? We want to hear from you” the @Nokia account tweets, complete with a link through to the Invent with Nokia homepage.

Once you're there, there are some helpful quotes from Nokia top man Stephen Elop front and centre, no doubt designed to inspire you to hand over your clever ideas.

“We have some very smart people inside Nokia, but we can’t do everything ourselves. We want to connect directly with smart inventors who can help us achieve our strategic objectives by adding value to our consumers – the most important people in the Nokia world.

“This is where you come in. If you have inventions that will help us grow and connect more people, we want to work with you.”

We'd actually pay good money to get a glimpse of some of the helpful hints and suggestions that are no doubt raining down on the company as we speak...

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