Nokia Juggernaut Semaphore: say it isn't so

Nokia Juggernaut Semaphore: say it isn't soI'll happily admit I'm no fan of these giant phablets that are suddenly all the rage in smartphone-land. As far as I'm concerned, 4in phones are big, 4.5in phones are borderline, bigger than that and we're basically talking about a small TV you can lean your head against and talk to.

Case in point: look at this plus-size slab of a device from Nokia that's supposedly in the pipelines. Big? Yes. Beautiful? Not so much.

The chunky chappy first caught our attention yesterday, when the above pic was surfaced by MyNokiaBlog, a site not normally known for idle speculation for the sake of a good headline.

And lo and behold, another image has now emerged via BGR, giving us a few actual details to chew over. We still don't have the official screen size, but we have the resolution (480 x 800), plus the name “Juggernaut Semaphone” to go on, which seems a fairly accurate fit. The processor, meanwhile, is listed as being a Snapdragon S4 8960 SOC, which means dual-core.

Now maybe you feel differently about big-screen phones – that's up to you. But generally most big-screen phones around today also offer a high resolution (in fact, the possibility of offering a full HD screen from around 5in and up is partly what's behind the phablet fad at the moment).

Not only that, but the bezel around the screen is typically pretty slim, because a couple of millimetres here and there make a big difference when you get into phablet territory.

This Nokia, however, delivers neither. The resolution guarantees a pixel density of well under 220ppi, while the thick bezel promises a decidedly snug fit in even the most generous of pockets.

In short, the Juggernaut Semaphore, whatever else it might turn out to be, promises to be big, slow and poorly equipped to get the most out of its screen size. Yes, Windows Phone needs more clout against Android at the lower end of the smartphone market, but surely this isn't the way to provide it?

Feel differently? Then take to the Comments below and tell us why.

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AhmadCentral  Dec. 14, 2012 at 19:41

That has to be the worst name for a phone ever. apart from this one-

motuwethfrsasu  Dec. 15, 2012 at 07:53

But what if the hand holding it is small? Hey, stranger things have happened... :D

ian2606  Dec. 15, 2012 at 13:03

I love my big galaxy note but that one is fugly. The screen looks too small for size of phone.
The main reason I like large phones is that I do a lot of web browsing and video/tv watching on it. I rarely turn on my computer anymore now.

salmonmax  Dec. 16, 2012 at 19:51

Think it's been found to be one of the really old software testbeds (e.g. look at the old logo)


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