Nokia launches Luna Bluetooth Headset with NFC goodness

Nokia launches Luna Bluetooth Headset with NFC goodnessNFC is somewhat synonymous with contactless payments, but it’s easy to forget that there are a number of other uses for the technology too.

One of those uses is pairing devices, and that’s exactly the functionality that Nokia has incorporated in its intriguing Luna Bluetooth Headset.

The Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset comes in two parts, namely the base and the earpiece. It’s quite a compact little chap, with the former component weighing 18.3g and the latter just 5g.

If you happen to have an NFC-enabled handset - such as the Nokia C7 or MeeGo-running N9 (sob) – all you have to do is tap to connect. Simples.

Taking the earpiece out fires up the Bluetooth connection and answers the call; putting it back hangs up and drops the Bluetooth connection.

Battery life weighs in at eight hours talktime, or 60 days standby (assuming you pop the earpiece back in the holder).

You can grab the Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset in black, white, fuchsia, green, yellow or blue from Q4 2011, and it’ll cost “around €69 before any local taxes”.

via: Nokia

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