Nokia lines up mystery New York event next month: is it finally tablet time?

Nokia lines up mystery New York event next month: is it finally tablet time?Nokia is reportedly lining up its next big launch event for the end of next month, raising fresh suggestions that the Finnish firm's debut tablet could be on its way.

The evidence? A hastily snapped screenshot of what appears to be an internal Nokia registration page, headed by the title “New York September 26th – 27”.

Before we get too carried away, it's worth noting that nothing in the screenshot actually confirms the event is for a product launch at all – it could just as easily be an internal meeting of some sort.

But it's far more interesting believing we are talking about some new Nokia kit, so let's indulge ourselves for the time being.

And if it is a product announcement we're talking about, the chances of it being for Nokia's long-rumoured Windows RT/8 tablet have just had a timely boost.

A set of benchmarks has reportedly shown up on GFXBench for a device called the Nokia RX-114, which clocking in running Windows 8 and a Qualcomm Adreno 330 GPU and with an unusual 1371 x 771 screen resolution.

Could this be the real deal? Quite possibly. A tablet would certainly be the clear favourite if we're talking an end-September launch time-frame, as Nokia has only just announced the Lumia 1020 smartphone, and we're not expecting any further high-end launches until the emergence of Windows Phone 8 GDR3 at the end of the year.

And WPCentral, the site behind these latest Nokia tablet musings, reckons it all rings true with what another of its sources has said recently on the matter – that Nokia's tablet will be “smallish, something like 11 inches, using Windows of course. I have very little detailed information, but the design was very much in the same style as their Lumia phones with bright colours and rounded corners. The model they showed me was bright red.”

As with most Nokia tablet rumours we've covered over the months, though, it's all just speculation at this point so it's probably not worth paying too much attention until more concrete info comes to light.

But still, the rumours have to be right sooner or later, so here's hoping.

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