Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet available on November 25 for around £600?

Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet available on November 25 for around £600?Nokia may have finally unleashed its debut phablet, the Lumia 1520, at Nokia World a couple of weeks ago, but frustratingly we're still waiting on official word on when it'll be available, and what it'll cost.

If early pre-order claims are anything to go by, however, we're looking at an on-sale date of somewhere around November 25, at a SIM-free price around the £600 mark.

It's a much simpler story across the Atlantic. After a false start yesterday, the Microsoft Store has now officially started taking pre-orders for the Lumia 1520 in the US, where it'll go on sale via AT&T's 4G network on November 22. Prices start at $199 on contract, or $549 without a contract (though still tied to AT&T)

In the UK, though, we're still largely in the dark, but either through some insider knowledge or a calculated gamble, Unlocked Mobiles has (as usual) jumped the gun and is offering the Lumia 1520 for a total of £594.98, and claims it'll be available on November 25.

Incidentally, the Microsoft Store in the US also revealed yesterday that the Lumia 2520 tablet would go on sale there on November 15, only to pull the page together with the Lumia 1520 early reveal later in the day.

So far it has yet to reappear, but it's a good indication that Nokia's tablet will probably land around the same time here in the UK. Hopefully.

Via TechRadar

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