Nokia Lumia 601: should we take it seriously?

Nokia Lumia 601: should we take it seriously?Another week, another new Nokia Windows Phone. This time it's the Nokia Lumia 601, which has been surfaced by PocketNow as the potential next WinPho crusader set to hit the market.

There are even a couple of product pics to help us along, showing both front and back views of the rumoured new handset. Only problem is... they're almost certainly fake.

So why are we reporting on the Lumia 601 anyway? Well, a couple of reasons, really. First up, PocketNow reckons its source has a decent track record of getting things right, suggesting that rather than the pic being a fake, it's simply a place-holder image showing a general idea of what the final device will have to offer.

And that appears to be a mid-sized screen (3.2in or 3.5in knowing Nokia), with a 8-megapixel EdoF camera round the back, and... well, Windows Phone Mango, obviously.

The model name – Lumia 601 – would suggest that it sits lower down the range than either of the already-announced Lumia models, the 710 and 800. Although that seems to contradict the recent “BMW line-up” scenario detailed by a Nokia France exec, let's not forget that BMW makes more than the 3, 5 and 7 series.

And those questioning why the 601 would have an 8MP camera when the 710 only has a 5MP sensor should bear in mind that the 710 has a full-focus sensor rather than the inferior extended depth-of-field focusing system supposedly on the 601.

Of course, that doesn't prove the rumours are true, and there's still the clearly not-quite-genuine product shots to get past. This one might need a fair bit more explaining before we know the full picture.

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 21, 2011 at 13:12

The back looks soooo photoshopped. Guess where that cam segment's from:
(on the other hand...maybe it's real?)


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