Nokia Lumia 710 tipped for January 6 launch

Nokia Lumia 710 tipped for January 6 launchSince Nokia announced its debut Windows Phone duo at the end of October, just about all the talk has centred around one of them – the Nokia Lumia 800.

Today, however, we hear the first news on when its partner the Lumia 710 will be going on sale, and the magic date being touted is January 6.

To be honest we were only really expecting a single handset to show its face at Nokia World a couple of months back, so hearing anything at all about a second was very much a bonus.

In the end, though, we might as well not have, as since then it's been as if the Lumia 710 never even existed while its good looking stablemate found its picture plastered all over buildings, bus stops and just about any other surface Nokia could throw some marketing money at.

That may soon be changing, however, as online retailer seems fairly confident that the Lumia 710 will be going on sale on January 6, and has said as much on its pre-order page for the device.

Now we've said plenty times before that these sort of rumours are best digested together with a healthy pinch of salt, as retailers are more often wrong than right when claiming inside knowledge of device launch dates.

And you probably couldn't find a worse time of year than the first week of January for trying to get people to part with their cash. But then again, if that's when Nokia is going to be able to get the Lumia 710 out the door, then there's no point in hanging on to it. Time will tell...

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 8, 2011 at 10:00

Which explains why Nokia annoyingly pushed back the Symbian Belle Update. It's no longer Q4 but Q1, 2012***! I guess Symbian owners won't get software updates until Elop's secret dream of selling (rather than giving away with an Xbox) at least 1,000 Lumias is fulfilled :p
[***the various leaks of fully working Belle variants should suffice to show that there is NO real reason to delay the update other than the demand not to distract from little Miss Perfect aka La Lumia]


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