Nokia Lumia 800 battery issue now fixed

Nokia Lumia 800 battery issue now fixedHappy days in Lumialand, as Nokia has revealed that the Wi-Fi-related battery glitch that was hitting Lumia 800 early owners is now a thing of the past.

Nokia's update, its second attempt after the first failed to solve a problem that dates back to November, has been deemed a success, putting the full quota of 1,500mAh of battery juice at all users' disposal.

The good news was delivered on Friday via the Nokia Discussions forum, with Nokia stating: “We can confirm that we have successfully tested that those improvements are working.”

But further reading revealed that the 1600.2483.8106.11500 update wouldn't be the last bit of software Lumia 800 users would have to install to get their Windows Phone handset working the way it should have in the first place.

“Additionally, we’ve noted your concerns regarding audio and camera settings and are going to address those in a series of future updates, ie. these will not be included in this specific update,” the post went on to report.

For Nokia users, then, it seems that patience remains as much a virtue as it ever was.

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