Nokia Lumia 825 leaked with 5.2in display, quad-core processor

Nokia Lumia 825 leaked with 5.2in display, quad-core processorThe year is fairly racing by, and for Windows Phone types that means the long-awaited jump to quad-core processors and full HD screens with Windows Phone 8 GDR 3 isn't that far off now. Well, hopefully.

And more and more these days, when we say Windows Phone we mean Nokia, and for the purposes of this piece when we say Nokia we mean the Nokia Lumia 825, as it's just been leaked in a big way.

Chinese site Dospy has posted both a marketing image of what's claimed to be the Nokia Lumia 825 as well as a few top-level specs, and it jibes nicely with what we've already heard in previous rumours, plus what we're expecting from GDR3.

The image doesn't give too much away, and doesn't actually confirm the device being shown actually is the Lumia 825.

Moving to the specs, the display comes in at a sizeable 5.2in across, yet only delivers a 720p resolution, suggesting the Lumia 825 will overtly be launched as more of a mid-ranger than its Lumia 8XX predecessors.

It will come with a quad-core processor, though again it's a mid-range option in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, but that still confirms it'll only appear once WP8 GDR3 is ready.

That's about the sum total of what we're given, but there's little or nothing here that sounds doubtful given what we know already.

Nokia has a big event lined up for New York at the end of September, though at present it's already being linked to a separate 1080p phablet and the much-talked about Nokia tablet. Could both of those and the Lumia 825 be on the cards? You never know...

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