Nokia Lumia 900: coming to MWC 2012

Nokia Lumia 900: coming to MWC 2012The Nokia Lumia 900, which seems now to be a lock-in as the next Nokia Windows Phone that'll come sashaying into view, has been strongly tipped to launch in February next year.

That's the word from Swisscom, which has revealed the juicy nugget of wisdom on that electronic medium perfectly that's tailor made for revealing juicy nuggets of wisdom – Twitter.

For a smartphone that hasn't been officially confirmed in any way by Nokia, the Lumia 900, a.k.a. the Ace, sure has been getting around a bit, starring in photos, videos and even being compared to a BMW 7-series luxury sedan.

Add all the rumours together and there's clearly a high-end phone out there just itching to show its face, but having missed the initial Windows Phone matinee at Nokia World at the end of October, it was always likely the Lumia 900 would be held back until next year – as a launch this close to Christmas would only compromise interest in the already-launched Lumia 800, which Nokia has spent huge sums marketing.

So it's into the new year, and the obvious launchpad in the first quarter is Mobile World Congress, which is in February. There would be a neat symmetry to it all too, as just prior to Stephen Elop's Windows Phone bombshell in February this year, Nokia had been lined up to use this year's MWC to announce the Nokia N9 – which we're told shares an awful lot of DNA with the Lumia 900.

So there you have it – it all makes sense, and we don't even need Swisscom's help, either. But just for the record, the tweet in question reads: “Various factors influence the decision to offer a device (e.g. purchase price, our portfolio design, availability). 900: end of Feb” (it's only the end bit we're interested in, really).

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corgi74  Dec. 15, 2011 at 19:20

Isn't a high end WP7 an oxymoron? Doesn't it just mean that it's the same as all the others internally but with a bigger screen?
Unless it's dual core, 1 gig RAM, 32gb storage and the same camera as the N8 it's no more high end than the Titan.

reerberb  Dec. 16, 2011 at 11:52

why is everyone fixated on dual core?

corgi74  Dec. 16, 2011 at 21:04

I'm not but if you release a phone with a spec inferior to others that are marketed as high end then you will get your backside handed to you.

equ  Dec. 17, 2011 at 14:18

This weeks Gadget show the Lumia 800 only beat the Blackbury in review, Android and Apple came out ahead by a clear margin. If Nokia sells these phone for about £200 (PAYG) they would do VERY well but they just are not good enouth to well at the "High-End"
And the battery life was worst of all phones reviewed, it dont matter how "Good and really simple" your interface is if the phone is dead.


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