Nokia Lumia 900 coming to the UK in June?

Nokia Lumia 900 coming to the UK in June?The debate over whether Nokia will launch its Lumia 900 flagship worldwide took a new turn yesterday when Carphone Warehouse slapped up a pre-registration page for the handset claiming a June launch date.

Yet it wasn't long before the page had been taken down again, leaving us even more confused than ever.

The Lumia 900 was unveiled at CES 2012 earlier this month, and is all but identical to the Lumia 800 but for a larger 4.3in screen and 4G LTE networking support. Nokia has insisted that the handset is US-only, but that hasn't stopped speculation that the big-screened beauty will get a wider release in due course – albeit without the 4G goodness.

And Carphone Warehouse appeared to answer those prayers when a pre-registration page (cached here) went live for the Lumia 900 yesterday, claiming a June launch date and inviting WinPho fanboys to fill in their details so that they can be updated once more info comes to light.

But then the page was gone again, leaving us wondering whether CW was simply jumping the gun in letting the cat out of the bag... or was just plain wrong in the first place.

The former is the most likely scenario – after all, Nokia clearly has to produce something at the high-end for European users at some point. But June is a long way away, and if the international version of the Lumia 900 is simply the US version with the 4G radio taken out, we can't see Nokia's smartphone rivals losing too much sleep ahead of its arrival.

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 24, 2012 at 11:02

Who knows...
Maybe sales of the Lumia 800 will eventually pick up?
Maybe the recession will be over in May? Maybe the UN will make June "Christmas v2.0"? Maybe the collective outcry of joy will resonate at a frequency that destroys all Android kernels, thereby forcing folks to buy a 3rd Eco-system device?


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