Nokia Lumia 920 to be Everything Everywhere's 4G LTE hero?

Nokia Lumia 920 to be Everything Everywhere's 4G LTE hero?Everything Everywhere – or T-Mobile and Orange to you and me – has stolen a serious march on its network rivals in getting the green light from Ofcom to finally kickstart 4G mobile networking here in the UK.

And the latest rumours suggest it wants to line up Nokia's newly announced Lumia 920 Windows Phone as a next-generation network exclusive when it goes on sale in November.

Nokia's new flagship was announced last week in New York, and as you'd expect from any self-respecting high-end device these days, LTE capabilities is present and correct on its extensive list of features.

Until recently, though, that hasn't meant a whole lot to us poor 4G-starved souls this side of the Atlantic, but of course that all changed when Everything Everywhere was given the go-ahead to switch on its 4G infrastructure.

That is expected to happen in November, and the Financial Times suggests it's no mere coincidence that the Lumia 920 and EE's 4G network are scheduled to land in the same month.

The two parties are reportedly “in talks” to make the deal happen, though the FT's source stresses that nothing concrete has been put in place just yet.

It's easy enough to see the benefits for both parties: the Lumia 920 will get plenty of publicity from the deal, not to mention the chance to show off its full potential performance-wise.

Everything Everywhere, meanwhile, gets a high-profile name to build its LTE marketing efforts around, not to mention the large wodges of marketing cash Microsoft and Nokia will no doubt again be spending this year in the run-up to Christmas.

Whether that puts paid to previous rumours that HTC's One XL will be the network's first 4G phone remains to be seen, but Everything Everywhere is set to announce the details on its 4G network roll-out tomorrow morning, so hopefully we'll hear a bit more then.

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Pondlife  Sep. 10, 2012 at 11:49

There is also the possibility of i5 too, would expect the 4G launch to have more than one phone tbh.


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