Nokia Lumia 930 images leak, even if an actual launch today is unlikely

Nokia Lumia 930 images leak, even if an actual launch today is unlikely

It's no secret that Nokia is working on the Lumia 930, and thanks to @evleaks we now know exactly what it will look like.

The international version of the Nokia Lumia Icon will be available in four colours – green, orange, black and white – and is likely to be announced on 19 April.

That's not a certainty, as there's an outside chance it could be unveiled – or at least previewed – later today at a Nokia event at Microsoft's Build developer event in San Francisco.

We'd be a bit surprised if it was a full announcement, as it would be a bit strange to launch the GSM-specific device in the one country where the CDMA variant is already present (a phone which itself, even more confusingly, was actually not announced in the US at all but in Barcelona).

Anyway, the regulation image renders don't give too much away, but you can clearly make out the 20MP PureView camera, and the reassuringly solid look of an aluminium chassis.

We're still not certain about the rest of the Lumia 930's specs, though. Rumours have suggested it'll actually come with a 4.5in display rather than the Lumia Icon's 5in panel, which suggests other specs might also not be a like-for-like match either.

What we do know is the Lumia 930 will launch with Windows Phone 8.1 built in, including the much talked about (and talkative) Cortana voice assistant.

We should be hearing plenty more on that particular subject this very week during Build 2014, so we'll be sure to pass along the details.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 3, 2014 at 11:08

Looks very nice in the first few videos. And WP8.1 seems like a decent upgrade. Very tempted. But then: I have always been a M$ fan :D


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