Nokia Lumia 800 to get tethering update soon

Nokia Lumia 800 to get tethering update soonEarly reviews of the Nokia Lumia 800 have been generally favourable, but one of the minor criticisms leveled at the Finns’ first Windows Phone 7 device is the lack of tethering goodness.

If that news had your knickers in a twist then untwist them right now, fella, as Nokia has confirmed that tethering action is coming soon.

In a statement to WinRumors, Nokia explained: “Microsoft takes very seriously meeting (and exceeding) the requirements outlined by agencies such as the FCC in the USA.

“They felt it was really important to fully address the concerns raised by recent FCC regulations before enabling this feature and are optimistic they can deliver on these requirements though a software update and are working diligently on that now.”

And what about dual SIM and NFC, Nokia? Any chance either of them will be coming soon? “For features not currently supported by Windows Phone such as NFC or dual SIM we are working with our partner Microsoft to determine the top priorities for future iterations of the platform.”

That all sounds fair enough to me. Everybody happy?

The Nokia Lumia 800 will touch down on November 16, and will be available on PAYG for a tad under £400. As for colours, you’ll only be able to grab the Nokia Lumia 800 in black initially (yawn), but cyan and magenta will follow shortly.

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hard123  Nov. 7, 2011 at 14:15

16th and Novemeber and it'll actually be a tad over £400 as you have to buy the handset with minimum top-up. Instore that'll take the price to £414.99

govbod  Nov. 7, 2011 at 18:19

I want to see the of lumia 800.

equ  Nov. 7, 2011 at 19:42

Gulp! And I though Nokia were ment to be selling WP7 by making good mid-range phones. At the £400 mark its too close to Iphones and Galaxy's to sell well.

henk  May. 1, 2012 at 17:01

Today almost half a year has past after this very promising post. In between we've seen few firmware updates and even a bugfix on one of those. :(

Really disappointing that the most basic functionality has to be fixed long after the device has been release on the market. But even more disappointing that the tethering function is still missing on a device which wants to compete with Galaxy SII and iPhone 4S. :p

Does Nokia continue testing basic firmware on commercial devices!?! Or is Nokia now finally going to make the move to close the gap with it's main competitors?!? ;)


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