Nokia Mars and Eros: two Nokia next-gen smartphones get mysterious codenames

Nokia Mars and Eros: two Nokia next-gen smartphones get mysterious codenamesWe love some good old fashioned leakage, and when it combines with some device codenames we've never heard before, all the better.

So we've hit the jackpot with some news that has headed our way from O2 Germany, via German blog Mobiflip, as it combines healthy doses of both.

A list of upcoming products O2 Germany will be carrying over the next few months has been shared with the wider world, and reveals a few interesting names we're expecting, and a few we've never heard of.

For starters, there's the tantalising titles of “Eros” and “Mars” lurking at the bottom of the Nokia list. It's the first we've heard of either, but while the latter name doesn't give much away, “Eros” and “Eos” are similar enough to make it hard not to jump to conclusions. That's if “Eros” isn't in fact just a typo and it was meant to be the Nokia Eos all along.

HTC also sees a few new faces namechecked, including the One Max (previously known as the T6) and the One Mini, which has been equally well covered.

But what about the HTC Desire 500? The Desire 200 and Desire 600 are both known entities, so presumably the Desire 500 will slot in somewhere in between, probably towards the mid-range rather than the bargain bin.

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ei8hty5ive  Jul. 3, 2013 at 23:06

Just waiting for the Nokia Uranus now...


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