Nokia N5 leaked

Nokia N5 leakedWe figured we might be in for a Nokia dry spell for a bit, what with the official N9 announcement, a handful of Series 40 phones, the Windows Phone 7 Sea Ray leak, and Android apps running on the N9, all going down last week. Phew.

But nope, here comes GSMArena with some blurry shots of the spanking new N5.

The N5 is pictured running Symbian Anna, and according to GSMArena’s sources will be one of three new phones, the others being – no surprises here – the N6 and N7.

The new range of Symbian Anna-running N phones might very well replace the current range of low-end Symbian Series 60 (sorry, S60) guys.

The N5 in particular has a screen size in the region of 3.2in (just a guess at this stage), with a 5MP camera. It’ll be available in black, or white with a lime back.

The N6 and N7 are expected to up the ante slightly, presumably with larger screens and more megapixelage.

More blurr-o-shots as they become available.

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