Nokia N5 marches through FCC

Nokia N5 marches through FCCThe Finns have firmly backed Windows Phone 7 as their “primary smartphone platform”, but the “transitional phase” is expected to take a good couple of years.

In the meantime, Nokia has promised to continue pumping out Symbian-based smartphones, and one of those is the N5, which has just grabbed FCC approval. Dead man walking, here.

The Nokia N5 popped up a few weeks ago in a series of leaked shots, courtesy of GSMArena. It’s expected that the Nokia N5 will be joined by a higher-specced N6 and N7 in due course.

The Symbian Anna-running chap appears to have a screen in the 3.2in area, with a 5MP camera. It’ll be available in black, or white with a lime rear.

We’re also hearing that the Nokia N5 will have NFC support, though NFC World isn’t sure if that’ll extend to secure payments. Earlier today we heard that the Nokia C7 and N9 won’t be acting as “mobile wallets”.

via: Engadget

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