Three Nokia N8s team up to make the world's largest stop-motion movie

Three Nokia N8s team up to make the world's largest stop-motion movieThe Nokia N8's abilities as a camera phone have been showcased in Gulp, a new stop-motion film that claims the honour of the world's largest stop-motion animated film set.

Created by the same team that brought us Wallace and Gromit, the animated short was put together using three N8s suspended by a crane over an 11,000 square foot stretch of Pendine Beach in South Wales.

The movie tells the story of a fisherman who goes out in search of his daily catch, only to fall foul of some of the more dangerous elements to be found on the high seas.

In all the movie took five days to make and the collaboration of many different people. Because the film is composed of a collection of 12-megapixel stills taken with the three Nokia phones, the resolution is effectively beyond full HD.

We can't help but think Gulp is inadvertently an ideal metaphor for Nokia itself right now, as it navigates the high seas of the smartphone industry in the hope it doesn't get gulped down by a bigger fish.

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lumoruk  Aug. 8, 2011 at 01:00

something like ultra HD then?

edit: after researching this it appears it's just standard HD using one N8 here's a better article with the clip in question.

edit: okay this first video show's one N8, the making of it shows three. Is this false advertising?

lumoruk  Aug. 8, 2011 at 01:05

and here's the making of it


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