Nokia N9 coming with Intel Atom and MeeGo?

Nokia N9 coming with Intel Atom and MeeGo?The Nokia N9 is a pivotal release for the Finns, a chance for it to wake itself from its recent malaise and come out swinging against the best smartphones in the business.

So what better way to make an impression than to come packing not only the new MeeGo operating system, but also a shiny new Intel Atom processor?

That's what respected Finnish magazine Prosessori is claiming, with the latest generation Moorestown platform set to make its smartphone debut as Intel looks to take the fight to ARM in the handset arena.

Prosessori says the chip will be clocked at 1.2GHz – in line with other rumours we've heard recently, though those referred to a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, not an Intel. However, the N9 using Intel silicon does make a certain amount of sense.

The chip maker has widely acknowledged its intention to make inroads into the smartphone market in 2011, and having worked alongside Nokia in developing the MeeGo platform the N9 will debut, it's a natural fit. For both Intel and Nokia, it would be the kind of high-profile statement of intent both are looking for, and arguably very badly need.

Prosessori repeats other claims we've seen recently that the N9 will be announced at Mobile World Congress next month, and it's a claim that makes a lot of sense to us. Not only will the world's eyes be trained on the Barcelona event, but Nokia's new Canadian CEO Stephen Elop is down to deliver a high-profile keynote at the event. What better way to define his leadership than to unveil a brand new flagship device that will steer the company in a bold new direction?

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Stelph  Jan. 21, 2011 at 12:42

Very excited about this phone, there was some amazing things being done with the N900 when Nokia released that, so I am hoping for similar things with the N9


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