Nokia N9 gets hefty price cut, now cheaper than the Lumia 800

Nokia N9 gets hefty price cut, now cheaper than the Lumia 800The Meego-powered Nokia N9 was never officially launched in the UK, but if you're willing to pay up front it can be had SIM-free from a good few online retailers.

And thanks to a hefty discount from Expansys you can now get in on the action for as little as £369, a full £60 cheaper than the equivalent Lumia 800 model.

Nokia officially turned its back on Meego back in February, announcing that it was switching its smartphone operations to Windows Phone instead.

But with development on the N9 having all but finished Nokia decided to release it anyway as a Meego one-off, and its arrival was met with the kind of positive praise Nokia hasn't had for a while now – so much so, in fact, that it served as the perfect ammunition for those who believed Nokia made a mistake in dumping Meego in the first place.

Either way, finding out for yourself just got a whole lot easier thanks to Expansys. The base 16GB Nokia N9 has had its price slashed from £454.99 to £369.99 – significantly less than the £429 you'll have to cough up for the equivalent Lumia 800.

Does the price drop mean Expansys is struggling to shift the N9? Possibly – Mr J Public probably hasn't even heard of the N9, and probably never will now that we're into Windows Phone territory.

But for the informed few, it means one of the best smartphones of 2011 is now cheaper than ever, which can only be a good thing.

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vivski123  Dec. 31, 2011 at 13:42

inform yourself that the N8 is going for just over £200. According to the "internet”, all operating systems are crap so if it makes calls, texts, takes a decent photo, good sound quality, free and decent satnav. No decent fart apps... erm, just buy the N9... No, go Android... No, go iOs, no, erm... I dunno. Get a 2nd job / get mom & dad to buy all of them ;-p


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