Nokia going all in on NFC for its Symbian phones

Nokia going all in on NFC for its Symbian phonesYou know, it's a bit of a shame Symbian is so much like, well, Symbian, as otherwise Nokia's unloved OS has been doing a pretty good job of things recently.

Think about it: in recent times we've had a bunch of new phones, two new updates in Anna and Belle, and now the news that every Symbian phone that appears from now onwards will have an NFC chip on board.

How we know this is no great secret: Nokia has revealed the news directly via Twitter, saying: “all future Symbian smartphones will support NFC”. Not really much room for misinterpretation there...

The only question remains just how many more Symbian handsets there will actually be. In essence, Nokia's big Symbian push throughout 2011 has been all about disguising the fact that the company is actually basing its future around Windows Phone, not Symbian, and since we're still months away from seeing the very first Windows Phone-powered Nokia actually appearing it's down to Symbian to hold the fort, such as it is.

Surely, then, once that changes Nokia will drastically reduce its public push for Symbian, and that will include the number of new phones we're going to see on the platform? That would be the sensible move, you'd have to think.

Still, whether it's one or a dozen, at least we can say right now NFC capability will be one of the features on board future Symbian-based Nokias.

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