Nokia going back to the numbers again

Nokia going back to the numbers againYesterday saw the launch of the new Nokia 500, the third new phone to run Symbian Anna after the E6 and the X7.

But its impressive 1GHz processor isn't the only thing separating the supposedly entry-level 500 from its Anna predecessors. It also brings with it a fresh new naming convention from the friendly Finns.

Back in the day all Nokias had a four-digit number, and for many of us our first mobile memories come tagged with such numbers as 6110, 3310, 5310 and so on. But then Nokia decided to mix some letters into its names too, to help break its handsets into ranges.

So we had the E-Series for business phones, the N-Series for the high-end smartphones, and more recently the X-Series and C-Series.

But Nokia never really seemed sure how to work the system. Take the N-Series for instance. At the top end, we had the N95, the N96, the N97 and then... the N8, which was actually the N8-00. Now there's the N9, which of course isn't to be confused with the N900.

Throw in the C5-03, C2-06 and the X1-01 (which is different to the X1-00) and it all starts to get a bit messy.

Which is why Nokia is going back to basics. And more specifically, back to numbers, leaving behind the letter system to reflect how phones are increasingly all-rounders regardless of how they're marketed.

This time there will be just three numbers in the name, with the first digit reflecting the general place in the spectrum from entry-level to high-end, and the other two numbers detailing which phone in the series it is.

So the Nokia 500 is a mid-range handset – and an entry-level smartphone – and it's the first in the series. Seems fairly sensible and straightforward to us... which no doubt means Nokia will change the system again in six months' time.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 2, 2011 at 09:14

Agree, BUT: at least - to the most part - Nokia keep naming consistent between markets. The N9 will be the N9 anywhere on the planet. As is the E6, Etc etc...
I am so annoyed by handset and other gadget makers who call a product one thing here and something else altogether across the pond...stupid and annoying in the webz age.


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