Nokia patents ‘Swiss roll’ flexible battery design

Nokia patents ‘Swiss roll’ flexible battery designThings are set to get a whole lot bendier in the coming months and years, with the flexible displays and the wearable technologies and what have you.

Nokia is clearly well aware of this, and as such has patented a design for a bendy twisty flexible battery.

The formal patent details can be found over on, and were spotted by the eagle-eyed chaps at Nokia Power User.

The listing explains: “According to one example of the invention, the flexible battery 10 may be used in a multi-function portable electronic device.

“However, in alternate embodiments, features of the various embodiments of the invention could be used in any suitable type of portable electronic device such as a mobile phone, a gaming device, a music player, a notebook computer, or a personal digital assistant, for example.”

Last year we were told Nokia was focusing big on wearable tech, though the same article proposed that the Finns’ Android-based handsets had been canned, which of course wasn’t the, er, case.

However, this is definitely the way things are going, with everyone and his dog rushing to get a smartwatch out before the Apple iWatch, and bendy phones touching down like the LG G Flex.

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