Nokia phablet display pictured, already in production?

Nokia phablet display pictured, already in production?The Nokia phablet. The rumours just won't die, and we don't expect them to until either everyone else does (die, that is) or Nokia actually releases the thing.

And here's something that adds weight to one of those two eventualities coming to pass reasonably soon, and in case you were getting worried there, yes it's the latter.

This handy snap was allegedly taken directly on the production floor somewhere in China, and posted to Weibo. It shows the front fascia of a rather large (around 6in) Windows Phone bearing Nokia's name, and while on its own it gives little away, it does suggest a handset with very little by way of front bezel.

The unnamed source who supplied the pic claims the Nokia phablet is already in production, which makes little sense at this stage of the game unless they mean the test phases of production rather than full-blown mass production.

The Nokia phablet, after all, is only likely to land once Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8 GDR 3, the update that will open the door to full HD resolutions and quad-core processors among the Windows Phone brigade. And by all accounts that'll only happen towards the end of the year.

Via Unwired View

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