Nokia planning to spend £80m on marketing its Windows Phones

Nokia planning to spend £80m on marketing its Windows PhonesRegardless of how good - or otherwise - Nokia’s Windows Phones are, the reality is it’s going to have to spend some serious money marketing them too if it wants to make a return to form in the smartphone game.

It seems the lesson isn’t lost on our Finnish friends, however, and Nokia looks set to throw a huge £80 million in global marketing at its move to Microsoft’s OS.

It’s just a fact of modern life that a good product isn’t going to get too far without the right kind of marketing to go with it.

Windows Phone 7 itself is a good example of just that principle. Regardless of its limitations as a platform, probably the biggest thing holding it back is that the spotty-faced young scamps manning your local phone outlet probably haven’t even heard of it.

Mobile Marketing reckons Nokia is planning a six-month marketing campaign to avoid the same sort of fate, and its global push will take in all kinds of marketing agencies including UK firms Wieden & Kennedy, Fallon and R/GA, if that means anything to you.

The gist of the spend will be to turn around the brand perception of Nokia as a company in decline, an image that’s more down to Symbian slipping well behind its OS rivals than any inherent deficiencies in the phones themselves - a fact Nokia will no doubt be clinging onto as it plans its way forward.

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Stelph  Jul. 14, 2011 at 10:31

Any idea how much Nokia are spending on Marketing Meego/N9?

Will be interesting to see how they market the phone, there are a lot of really terrible advertisements for phones out there, for example:

Blackberry Playbook - Unbelievably cringe-worthy

Palm Pre - Quite possibly the freakiest person I have ever seen

On the other side, I quite liked the N8 advert that was out: (tho possibly because it was aimed more at the "geeky" people like me :-)

Any marketing for Meego just needs to focus on the main feature that will drag in your average user, that the phone is truely one handed and you can stick all your social updates onto the single "social panel" rather than constantly launching apps


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