Nokia Play To launches, giving the Lumia a DLNA-flavoured treat

Nokia Play To launches, giving the Lumia a DLNA-flavoured treatGot a Lumia 800? Struggle to impress your friends with the battery life or even a front-facing camera? Well, at least you have something new that you can show off now thanks to the new Nokia Play To... app which lets you use DLNA to your heart's content.

For those not overly familiar with DLNA, it's the tech that allows you to stream your music, photos and video to a relevant, connected device like a PS3, Xbox 360, TV, tablet or other smartphone using a wireless connection.

It's still in the unofficial stage, being available only through Nokia Beta Labs at this point, and therefore it's not yet working 100%. For example, Sony BRAVIA TVs may look fab, but you'll struggle to get your video sent there and the two biggest game consoles around with Sony and Microsoft badges are also not fully on board yet.

Nokia says the issues are being worked on ahead of the software's official release - so we'll not be too critical for now as it's good of them to at least give us a sneak early peek.

Interestingly though, since Microsoft doesn't seem overly fussed by DLNA, it shows just how Nokia could score an advantage over other Windows Phone rocking handsets.

If you've downloaded the app and found that it works (or doesn't), we'd love to hear about it in the comments section below.

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