Nokia prepping dual-screen 3D Windows 8 tablet?

Nokia prepping dual-screen 3D Windows 8 tablet?Tom’s Guide has reported details of a recent Nokia patent, seemingly published in April, showing a dual-screen device with “autostereoscopic rendering and display apparatus”. Autostereoscopic, of course, means glasses-free 3D. Yipee.

The patent also includes details of a sensor that detects the position of the user in relation to the display. An image will be created for each eye "for display on the auto-stereoscopic display dependent on the surface viewable from the user viewpoint."

It’s likely that the top screen will show the 3D image, with the bottom display being 2D, a bit like Nintendo’s 3DS.

Everyone’s favourite Russian blogger/journalist/analyst/tweeter, Eldar Murtazin, provides further Nokia-related gossip. He reckons the Finns are working on a Windows 8 tablet for release in 2012, or possibly 2013.

It’s not clear whether those two tablets, the 3D device and the Windows 8 thingy, will be one and the same. And given Nokia's current pace, we don’t expect to find out any time soon.

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Stelph  May. 13, 2011 at 10:53

A folding tablet would be quite neat, especially if there was a thin/non-existant bezel between the screens.

Otherwise a Dual screen tablet with an LCD and an e-ink screen would be great thanks so you can use it for gaming and also book reading


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