Nokia reminds us of Nokia World, the OTHER event happening on October 22

Nokia reminds us of Nokia World, the OTHER event happening on October 22In scheduling its iPad 5 launch event for October 22 and not the expected October 15, Apple isn't just sentencing the iFaithful to an extra week of waiting, it's also ensuring much less attention for Nokia World, which also kicks off on the 22nd.

So no surprise to see Nokia chipping in today with a polite “ahem”, reminding us that its Abu Dhabi shindig kicks off at 11am local time – in other words, well before Apple's festivities get started.

For us here in the UK that means a semi-convenient 8am start to Nokia's main event, while in San Francisco, where Apple's event is likely to take place (at the time of writing it still hasn't actually been confirmed yet), it'll be midnight the night before.

So Nokia is, rather unexpectedly, getting in first, although doing pretty much anything on the same day as an Apple launch pretty much guarantees giving away the majority of the limelight.

Still, we'll be tuned in at 8am to Nokia's official Conversations mouthpiece, where Nokia World will be livestreamed in full, while there's a second round of sessions kicking off at 11am, which traditionally have been reserved for attendees but which will also be available to all via webcast this time around.

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