Nokia removes YouTube video, does some official N9 teasing

Nokia removes YouTube video, does some official N9 teasingThe YouTube video we linked to earlier in the week, thought to show the QWERTY-rockin’ N9 in action, has since been removed, and replaced with the message: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Nokia Corporation.” Eek.

However, Nokia has decided to do a spot of official N9-related teasing of its own, with a post on Nokia Conversations called “Future device and innovation at Nokia”.

The post begins: “There’s always plenty of rumours flying around about Nokia. Just a couple of days ago, a whole fresh crop appeared on a number of websites regarding a new mystery device. But it should be no surprise that new things are in the wings somewhere.”

Hmm, “somewhere” is suitably vague. The MeeGo conference gets underway on Monday in San Francisco, but Nokia isn’t expected to show off anything new. That’s despite the recent news that the suspiciously N9-like RM-680 had passed FCC approval.

The post continues: “One area of innovation that’s continually evolving is the ways in which a phone’s interface might be innovative. To offer new value, we can’t just be talking about a new set of icons or even more home screens. That’s not innovation, it’s just an increment.

“At the moment, of course, our technology is far from natural. There’s nothing natural about icons and drop-down lists and tickboxes. It would probably be better if you could just swipe through your apps, wouldn’t it?”

We reckon that’s intentionally ambiguous, but it sounds like MeeGo-related teasing to us.

The post concludes: “The possibilities are endless… and very exciting. We can’t wait to show you more – maybe a sneak peek at “Jessie’s Girl” – in the weeks to come.” “Jessie’s Girl”, incidentally, was the soundtrack to the aforementioned N9 video we saw earlier in the week. Sounds like we might be hearing something official from Nokia soon. Ish.

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