Nokia promises Lumia 800 battery fix

Nokia promises Lumia 800 battery fixQuite a few early adopters of the brand new Nokia Lumia 800 have been complaining about inconsistencies in the battery life indicator.

Well, the good news is that it's just a software issue and not an actual flaw in the battery. The bad news? You'll have to wait until the other side of Christmas for a fix.

Nokia has officially acknowledged the issue on the Nokia Support Discussions site, saying the blame lies with the pre-loaded diagnostics tool, which is showing lower than expected battery capacity on some Lumia 800 handsets.

"On Monday 12th December, some of our customers started to comment in various social media that the preloaded diagnostics tool in some of the Nokia Lumia 800 phones was showing lower battery capacity than expected," the company revealed in a statement.

"We immediately started to investigate these reports and can now confirm that while the battery itself is fine, a software problem on certain variants is limiting the phone's ability to access the full battery capacity.

"The good news is that as this is a software problem it can be easily resolved. The planned software update in early 2012, as well as including many performance enhancements, will also include a fix that will enable the affected phones to access the total battery capacity."

And in a festive show of generosity, Nokia says anyone who doesn't want to wait for the update can have a new unit: "For anyone who does not want to wait for the software update, Nokia can arrange for a replacement phone. Anyone who requires any further clarification should contact Nokia Care."

First thing to do is have a little scout around in your diagnostics tool and run the battery status test to see if you are actually affected: dial ##634# to open the diagnostics tool, accept the disclaimer and select 'Battery Status' from the list of options to see the available battery charge capacity.

"If the full charge capacity reads less than 1000mAh then your phone is affected with this specific issue and you may find it is necessary to charge your phone more frequently than normal," Nokia reveals. "Once the software update has been applied, you should experience much better battery life."

Which makes us start to wonder what's going on here. See, if a replacement phone fixes the issue, that suggests that newer handsets have the updated software installed already. Which means it's ready to push out. Which then leads us to ask why it can't be sent OTA now to current owners.

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corgi74  Dec. 20, 2011 at 21:22

Mine is 1504 but the battery is still ****


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