Nokia roadmap leak: Tesla, Superman and McLaren Windows Phones coming later this year

Nokia roadmap leak: Tesla, Superman and McLaren Windows Phones coming later this yearNow that Nokia is now fully tucked into bed with Microsoft, the big question is what comes next? More Lumias? More Android phones? New branding? Something else entirely?

Enter @evleaks and a timely bit of roadmap action that addresses at least some of those burning issues likely to dominate the immediate future for Microsoft's mobile hardware division - at least when it comes to its Lumia Windows Phone range.

When we hear the word “roadmap” we instinctively get ourselves ready for some sort of table or chart, but not this time. Thankfully, though, there's still plenty of substance to what the “well placed source” has whispered in @evleaks' ear, which is the important bit after all.

Starting with the bread and butter Lumia range, the x30-generation Lumias already announced by Nokia will soon be hitting the streets – namely the Lumia 930 and Lumia 630 / 635, which all come with Windows Phone 8.1 pre-loaded.

The first all-new arrival will be the Nokia Lumia 530 a.k.a. the “Rock”, which we first caught wind of back in March and is set to replace the best-selling Lumia 520. It should arrive sometime over the Summer, also with WP8.1 on board.

Looking further forward, the next wave of Lumia Windows Phones after that will run the next-gen Windows Phone Blue GDR1 update, and will include the likes of the “Tesla” for AT&T and the “Superman” for Verizon in the US – presumably the former (or something similar) will also head out globally.

Both the Tesla and Superman are described as mid-rangers, but towards the end of the year a new global flagship codenamed “McLaren” is being lined up to launch ahead of the holidays.

Into 2015 we're told to expect the “Makepeace” and “Dempsey”, though details – including even which version of Windows Phone they'll be running – have yet to be finalised.

And finally, the second half of 2015 should see the “Cityman” phablet and “Talkman” flagship making an appearance – though given the time scales involved, things could very well change – and in truth probably will.

What the roadmap doesn't touch on is just what will the likes of the Cityman and Talkman actually look like? Will Microsoft's name be boldly emblazoned on the front, or possibly the Lumia name itself as a kind of stepping stone sub-brand with links to both the Nokia and Microsoft names?

Roadmap or no, the immediate future for the phone maker formerly known as Nokia still involves more questions than answers at this stage.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 6, 2014 at 13:34

Played with the Lumia 630 today - €129 on prepay.
Very good. Only Non-Android Moto G rival.

Still: Highend devices they need to figure out a way to beat the camera lens. 1520 is awesome, but the delay is still noticeable.


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