Another Nokia rumour: the Lumia 1520V is a 4.3in Lumia 1520 but still with a full HD display

Another Nokia rumour: the Lumia 1520V is a 4.3in Lumia 1520 but still with a full HD displayIf this morning's rumours of a Nokia Lumia 1820 sounded a bit too far fetched for your liking: we have a second Nokia-related rumour that's far more mundane.

Apparently Nokia is the latest phone maker to buy into the whole Mini craze – or at least in as good as name. From China comes word of a Nokia Lumia 1520V, with just a 4.3in display versus the full 1520's massive 6in screen.

If we're honest, our first thought was along the lines of “here we go again”, but in truth the Lumia 1520V actually sounds pretty good. Crucially, it maintains the full sized 1520's full HD resolution – or so the rumours claim – which works out at a stonking pixel density of 512ppi.

The Lumia 1520V reportedly also comes packing 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, along with a 3000mAh battery and a PureView camera – albeit a 14MP model instead of a 20MP version as on the Lumia 1520.

There's nothing on the processor, but with most of the other specs largely unchanged there's little or no reason why it won't be a quad-core chip like on its big brother.

The site surfacing the rumour,, claims the Lumia 1520V will likely launch after Windows Phone 8.1 rolls out in April.

There's even a picture, such as it is, though given the lack of quality the above could easily be a snap of an existing handset and we probably wouldn't even know the difference.

Via WMPowerUser

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 20, 2014 at 18:17

A 3000mAh battery with a 4.3in screen packing Nokia's ClearBlack should make for decent battery life...

deathtrap3000  Jan. 20, 2014 at 22:02

Looks like a yellow 925.


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