Are Nokia and Samsung about to kickstart the 3D smartphone market?

Are Nokia and Samsung about to kickstart the 3D smartphone market?A leader without followers is just a guy taking a walk, as the saying goes, and that's pretty much how LG must be feeling these days about 3D.

In the 15-odd months since the LG Optimus 3D's arrival, just one other 3D smartphone has been launched – the HTC Evo 3G – but could the floodgates finally be about to open after all?

Well, no, probably not, but there could at least be another couple of options in the pipelines to give the 3D phone market a bit of respectability.

Samsung and Nokia have filed separate patent applications over in the US for 3D-related display technologies, suggesting they're at least thinking about jumping into the third dimension to give LG and HTC a bit of company.

Nokia's application is for a “dual-mode two-dimensional / three-dimensional display”, which seems a little odd considering that sounds like exactly what the Evo 3D and Optimus 3D already offer.

Samsung's application, meanwhile, is quite a mouthful: “a touch screen panel display comprising a display, a touch screen panel sensor film stacked on top of the display, and a window stacked on top of the touch screen panel sensor film, the touch screen panel display comprising: a viewing angle difference barrier film stacked between an upper surface of the touch screen panel sensor film and a lower surface of the window and for transmitting light of a pixel corresponding to a left eye and light of a pixel corresponding to a right eye to a left eye and a right eye, respectively.”

Or, to sum up, 3D.

In the trigger-happy world of technology patents, applications like these are evidence of pretty much nothing at all, but we'd still like to see Samsung and Nokia give 3D a go, if only for the prospect of seeing a 3D Windows Phone...

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AhmadCentral  May. 18, 2012 at 21:32

I thought LG already tried that... and failed.

Yeh i'm not a huge 3D fan. Keep it at cinemas and Home TV's. No need for a phone to have it just yet.

JanSt / MOD  May. 18, 2012 at 22:12

I find it ridiculous. It is utterly beyond me. know, Tupac's "hologram"...

socialjeebus  May. 19, 2012 at 05:47

3D is pointless, I have a 3D capable tv with PS3 capable games and I still don't really see the point...even at the cinema, once you've seen one 3D movie the novelty factor is dead and unless your 8, 3D does little or nothing to enhance all but a few movies.


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