Nokia Sea Ray not coming this month says insider

Nokia Sea Ray not coming this month says insiderHot rumours that Nokia may be readying its 'Sea Ray' Windows Phone debut device for an early reveal later this month are wide of the mark, says a source quoted by ThisIsMyNext.

Invitations for a Nokia-Microsoft co-hosted event at Gamescom in Germany later this month had raised hopes that the much-awaited new handset would make an appearance, but instead it seems it's just a chance to get together with developers and drum up interest in the project. 

To quote TIMN directly: “We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but we’ve received word from a trusted source that the Gamescom event won’t be the occasion of a retail hardware unveil — instead, Nokia and Microsoft are using the opportunity to mingle with local developers and build relationships going into the Mango launch.”

The site added that this didn't mean we wouldn't be treated to a sneak reveal of the Sea Ray to crank up interest a notch or two, but there won't be any kind of official outing.

Instead, that's looking increasingly likely for Nokia World at the end of October. The timing is just about right, and considering it's Nokia's flagship event it's the obvious time to schedule such a high-profile announcement.

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