Nokia Sea Ray hands-on video

Nokia Sea Ray hands-on videoLet’s see if I can get through this article without calling Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 effort the Sea Horse. It’s the Sea Ray. Sea Ray. Sea RAY.

A cheeky video has leaked, seemingly from a factory somewhere out east, showing the Mango-running Nokia Sea Ray in action.

The video lasts 1:29. Here are some of the highlights:

0:01 – the Nokia Sea Ray is removed from some sort of protective case.

0:28 – we’re powering on. The power button is on the side, just below the volume keys.

0:36 – we boot to a new Windows Phone “7” screen. When the screen lights up, it becomes apparent that there are in fact hardware buttons at the bottom. Ah well, that puts paid to the buttonless hardware rumour.

1:00 – time for some camera action. There’s a dedicated camera button near the bottom of the right side (as you look at the screen).

1:17 – that’s enough for now. Holding the power button brings up a Mangofied “slide to power off” screen, and finally it’s “goodbye”.

You can check out the full video on YouTube.

Via: wpcentral

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