Nokia's first Window Phones tipped for sales disappointment

Nokia's first Window Phones tipped for sales disappointmentAdverts for the new Nokia Lumia 800 might be plastered in every conceivable place known to man right now, but analysts are warning that sales may end up falling well short of Nokia's expectations.

And while the switch to Windows Phone might be the start of a new era for the Finns, the criticisms will be all too familiar - high prices and a lack of innovation.

Pierre Ferragu, a research analyst for Bernstein, reckons the "buzz level" for the Lumia 800 is on a par with Nokia's previous flagship, the Symbian-powered N8. And let's not forget it was the underwhelming performance of the likes of the N8 that convinced Nokia to drop Symbian and switch to Windows Phone in the first place.

Ferragu argues that the Lumia 800 is priced too high, that Microsoft's Windows Phone just can't match Android or iOS in popularity, and that the handset really isn't that innovative.

To be fair, the Lumia 800 was never meant to be more than a solid banker for Nokia, and it certainly can't be held accountable for Windows Phone's shortcomings. But that's not going to make much difference when the numbers are added up.

Another analyst, James Faucette of Pacific Crest, is equally sceptical and reckons Nokia's not in line for a very merry Christmas. Despite the geeky euphoria at finally seeing the Lumia 800 and its lower-end sibling the Lumia 710 hit the market, he says the current forecast of two million phones sold by year end is way off the mark, and predicted the actual figure will be more like half a million.

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 23, 2011 at 10:24

Should have been priced at £300-ish...
or just throw that investment at MeeGo, suckers :p

corgi74  Nov. 23, 2011 at 10:50

I've ordered one and I'm quite looking forward to receiving it. Only got it on a 12 month contract as a stop gap until the iPhone 5 comes out though.
Thought I'd give it a go as I've got an iPad and a Nook Color so I'm covered on the other OSs

JanSt / MOD  Nov. 23, 2011 at 11:11

Well, to be fair: if I HAD to buy a WP7 device now, it'd be a Nokia Lumia 800.
Still, I believe it is over-priced. I also firmly believe WP7 will fail unless MS change policy. Open up the filesystem etc etc

corgi74  Nov. 23, 2011 at 11:46

I think £300 would be the sweet spot for the Lumia without a doubt. My contract works out at £430 for 1 year all in so it sort of meets that price which is what attracted me to it.

Stelph  Nov. 23, 2011 at 12:32

I would be interested if mobot or anyone really could find out the sales of the N9 vs the lumina across the globe (or maybe just in selected markets where both are available) would be genuienly interesting to see how well they have done in comparison with each other! (especially since the N9 was crippled by limited availability and no marketing)

JanSt / MOD  Nov. 23, 2011 at 13:00

Yes, stelph,
I'd very much like to know, too.
Nokia won't tell, will they ;)
On expansys the N9 seems to be selling rather well.
I asked repeatedly on Twitter who bought*** a Lumia 800 (***bought as in 'bought' - no freebies...). Not one reply ;)

Stelph  Nov. 23, 2011 at 14:14

Yes I saw the N9 was high up in Expansys list, however I was hoping at some point actual sale numbers came out as its not actually clear how many N9's have been made and sold!

Also interestingly I see mixed results on the Lumina, for example this blog seems to suggest Nokia has had their best ever week in the UK market

I think Finland would be a good place to compare sales, AFAIK both the lumina and N9 are on the market there


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