Nokia looking to sell its Espoo headquarters?

Nokia looking to sell its Espoo headquarters?Nokia has fallen a long, long way from the heady days of 10 years ago, and the latest rumours concerning the company go a long way to illustrate just how far.

According to Reuters, a Nokia spokesperson has revealed the company is considering selling its headquarters in Espoo, Finland as it "evaluates different options" to keep the wheels turning.

We're now a full year into Nokia's Windows Phone era - which was promised as the catalyst for a big turnaround in the company's fortunes after years of fading fortunes in the face of stiff competition from Android and iOS.

But the turnaround simply hasn't happened - and Elop himself admitted as much in an interview this week, saying the company "would have liked to have done better" with its WinPho offerings.

So it's not much of a surprise, to be honest, to hear rumours that the company's HQ could soon be on the market. And even outside the context of Nokia's desperate need for cash, the reality is that Nokia employs fewer people than in the past, particularly in the operating system department.

A Finnish newspaper reckons the site would fetch 200-300 million euros, which is a fair chunk of change to be sure, but is nothing like the losses the company has posted over the past couple of years.

In responding to the claims, Nokia confirmed that it was indeed "re-evaluating all non-core operations, including its real estate," but that even if it did choose to sell, it would almost certainly continue to be based at the Espoo site.

Nokia spokesperson Timo Ihamuotila confirmed the company "does not have any plans to move the headquarters".

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