Nokia set to keep MeeGo alive... in Series 40?

Nokia set to keep MeeGo alive... in Series 40?We've been talking plenty lately about Nokia's move to adopt Windows Phone, but the company 's feature phone operations aren't part of that deal, and Nokia boss Stephen Elop has been talking about Nokia's plans for that part of its business.

During the same “secret” briefing that saw the Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone shown off, Elop also spent some time talking about the entry-level Series 40 platform, and his could prove significant indeed.

Just this week Nokia announced the C2-03 and two variations, the latest of its Touch and Type handsets, which come with both a resistive touchscreen and traditional number pad. The C2-03 runs on the Series 40 platform, and marks the first S40 phone to get Nokia Maps and the Nokia Browser on board.

So Nokia is clearly looking to intensify its efforts to develop Series 40 – what with Symbian phasing out and all. And just this week, Nokia announced that the Qt developer framework would be coming to Series 40 too – the same Qt used to create MeeGo.

And that last point could be important. According to Unwired View, Elop's internal briefing made mention of the “Meltemi software effort” in his comments about Series 40 – a name that had previously come out in an internal Nokia memo: “There will also be opportunities within the Meltemi organisation, for personnel working within the MeeGo teams.”

The site also points out comments Elop made earlier in the briefing when talking about the Nokia N9: “We are not saying precisely what device, or when, or how – but the user experience you see here is something that will live on as well.”

Put all of that together and you're left with an interesting possibility: that Nokia is channelling as much of its MeeGo resources and infrastructure as possible straight into Series 40 (or to create the next evolution to the platform).

It makes a certain amount of sense. Nokia has explicitly stressed quite a few times now that its feature phone business is not part of the Windows Phone deal in any way, and with Symbian on its way out, Series 40 represents the sole remaining operating system still under Nokia's own roof. And it has plenty of developers who don't have a whole lot else to do right now.

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coombesmostyn  Jun. 25, 2011 at 11:57

Nokia should keep Meego going, Window 7 OS is going nowhere!

Stelph  Jun. 25, 2011 at 17:38

Well interestingly I read that Elop has said that no matter how well the N9 sells, Nokia will be sticking with WP7, an interesting statement to make

JanSt / MOD  Jun. 25, 2011 at 23:57

interesting, indeed.

Revolt  Jun. 26, 2011 at 11:46

Yeah, so interesting to fire him in 1 second. God save Nokia from this stupid being.


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