Nokia Sirius tablet launching on October 22 as the Lumia 2520?

Nokia Sirius tablet launching on October 22 as the Lumia 2520?We've seen a bunch of new phones and tablets announced over the past couple of days, but here's an update on a newcomer we're still waiting for: Nokia's Sirius tablet.

And it's good news, all things considered, as it seems the Windows RT 8.1 slate will be announced alongside the Lumia 1520 phablet next month, and will go by the name Lumia 2520.

The Sirius has been heavily leaked in parallel with the Lumia 1520 over the past few months, so it's no real surprise to hear @evleaks announcing on Twitter that the two will be unveiled together.

As for the name, that's a bit more of a puzzler. Aside from the semi-symmetry of Lumia 2520 being Lumia 1520 plus a thousand, it's hard to make much sense of why Nokia would go for that title, as it undermines what little sense the Lumia naming/numbering convention actually still had.

Anyway, it's now looking like a double-whammy Lumia announcement on October 22, which is welcome news after Nokia cancelled the original New York launch event it had scheduled for this week in the wake of the Microsoft buyout going through.

It's not clear whether the Sirius/Lumia 2520 was set to be part of this week's event or not, but either way it should make for a busy day. Based on other recent leaks we're expecting the Sirius to come with a 10.1in full HD display, a Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a (US) price tag of $499.

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