Nokia steps up its case against HTC

Nokia steps up its case against HTCIt’s not quite Samsung vs. Apple (those being the world’s top two smartphone manufacturers ‘n’ all), but the Nokia vs. HTC battle is really heating up.

Nokia has already moaned about the HTC One’s mic, and now the Finnish manufacturer has filed two further complaints, thought to encompass several patents and numerous HTC devices.

Specifically, one complaint has gone to the International Trade Commission (ITC), and the other to the US District Court for the Southern District of California San Diego.

A Nokia spokesperson tells ZDNet: "We began actions against HTC in 2012 to end the unauthorised use of our proprietary innovations and technologies.

“Since then, despite the German courts confirming infringements of Nokia patents in HTC products, HTC has shown no intention to end its practices, instead it has tried to shift responsibility to its suppliers.

“We have therefore taken these further steps to hold HTC accountable for its actions."

If successful, Nokia could have phones like the flagship HTC One and the Facebook-loving HTC First removed from sale. Or maybe we’ll just see an endless string of appeals and what not.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 27, 2013 at 15:33

Booh, Apple. Ahem...


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